Students help Taronga launch project to protect threatened species

Students help Taronga launch project to protect threatened species

Students from Western Sydney have helped Taronga Zoo and Boeing Australia launch an exciting new community outreach program to restore the habitat of locally threatened species.

Taronga’s popular Zoomobile hit the road to York Public School in South Penrith this morning, introducing students to some of Australia’s unique native animals for the launch of Project Habitat.

Taronga and Boeing Australia have partnered to deliver the project, which will travel to various NSW regions to inform, engage and encourage communities to participate in habitat restoration actions to assist in the recovery of locally threatened species.

This year’s program is focussing on three threatened species and habitats: the Yellow-bellied Glider in Kincumba Mountain Reserve, the Squirrel Glider in Copperhania Nature Reserve, and the Booroolong Frog in Tumut Adjungbilly Creek.

Taronga Director, Cameron Kerr said: “Many bushland areas of NSW are becoming smaller and fragmented due to human encroachment and infrastructure developments. This is creating obstacles for our wildlife and restricting their movement and distribution.”

“Through Project Habitat, we aim to inspire people to help to preserve the bushland and reserves in their local community. By planting native trees in your local area or even your own backyard, you are helping to create more space for our beautiful native animals to roam and possibly even a safe place to make a home.”

In addition to participating in habitat restoration activities, Project Habitat will encourage people to watch out for Australian wildlife on the road and promote responsible pet ownership.

The project is also supporting Zoomobile visits to various NSW regions, including schools, aged care facilities, agricultural shows and festivals, providing an opportunity for people to meet, learn and interact with Taronga’s collection of native animals.

Cameron said the partnership with Boeing Australia would help Taronga to bring its message of wildlife conservation to children and communities well beyond the Zoo.

“It’s wonderful to see an industry leader like Boeing Australia supporting Australia’s native environment. Many children live too far away to easily visit Taronga, so Project Habitat will enable us to bring the Zoo to them and encourage a connection with wildlife,” he said.