Taronga Statement

Taronga Statement

Taronga Zoo has advised patrons who have visited the Zoo during Vivid that a soft gel ring with flashing lights sold at retail outlets poses a potential hazard if broken apart.

Taronga Zoo was notified today that a guest had purchased the ring, and after returning home, a child was able to break it open, exposing button batteries which pose a potentially serious hazard if ingested.

All of these items were immediately withdrawn from sale. The Zoo posted a Public Notification to warn guests who may have already bought these ring to keep them away from children.

The Zoo required an immediate report from the supplier on the safety status of the rings, and was subsequently advised that the ACCC has today instructed the supplier to undertake a full product recall.

Zoo Management has also commenced an audit of all retail items to ensure ongoing safety.

Refunds for any of the gel rings purchased will be honoured, please visit one of our retail outlets at Taronga Zoo, email  zooshop@zoo.nsw.gov.au or telephone 02 9978 4672 between the hours of 11am and 4.30pm, seven days a week.

Public notice can be read here.