Vale Andara Giraffe

Vale Andara Giraffe

Zoo keepers and veterinarians were today saddened by the unexpected passing of one of Taronga's female giraffes.Keepers found Andara, the giraffe, near one of the night houses in the exhibit this morning unable to stand.With concerns she may have injured herself overnight, veterinarians were called to examine her.Keepers helped move Andara into one of the night houses where the Zoo's veterinarians examined her to determine what was wrong.Sadly,

after hours of effort and care, the giraffe was unable to rise and her

behaviour indicated the possibility of a neurological illness, so

veterinarians and keepers made the difficult decision to euthanase

Andara on animal welfare grounds.Over the years veterinarians and

zoo keepers had observed occasional behaviour by Andara that indicated

the possibility of a neurological disorder, but generally her health

had been excellent.She was healthy and appeared well yesterday.Andara was born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in 1998 and was transferred to Taronga in 1999.The

Zoos have a long history in the management of giraffe herds, including

the successful breeding herd at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.