Zoo plans for long-term Future

Zoo plans for long-term Future

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is planning to expand its involvement in regional conservation breeding projects, as well as increasing visitor experiences and education programs.

The Zoo is currently undertaking a review of the animals in its care to ensure it provides not only the best visitor experience, but also meets the rapidly changing needs of conservation programs and community education.

The review will likely some changes in the future and will enable the Zoo to become more active in urgent regional conservation programs.

This planning has already enabled Taronga Western Plains Zoo to become part of the national recovery plan for Tasmanian Devils, with over $1 million already invested in the new devil breeding facilities.

The Zoo is committed to the modern zoo approach using regional and international coordination of animal programs, and any future changes to will be coordinated with other Australasian Zoos in terms of species management and conservation programs.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of a network of over 600 Zoos across Australasia and the world which all work together to manage species, breeding and conservation programs to achieve optimum genetic and behavioural diversity.

Whilst the final outcomes of the review have not been determined yet, any changes will be addressed over time and in consultation with other Zoos in the region.

The review also incorporates feedback received from comprehensive visitor research.

The Zoo also expects to provide more activities for visitors ranging from play experiences to the new Australian Walkabout exhibit which will be opening soon.

The Zoo is constantly looking at options that can further complement the experience and meet the needs of visitors.  The aim is to secure Dubbo and the Zoo as a key conservation agency and regional tourism destination by providing new and exciting ways to experience the Zoo whilst connecting people with wildlife.