Zoo welcomes second Giraffe calf this year

Zoo welcomes second Giraffe calf this year

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Posted on 30th October 2014 by Media Relations

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are excited to announce the birth of a female Giraffe calf born on Sunday 19 October 2014.

Keeper’s have named the calf Ajali (pronounced A-jah-lee), which is Swahili for destiny. Ajali’s mother Tuli is a very experienced mother and is displaying all the right maternal behaviours.

“This Giraffe calf is the eighth for mother Tuli, hence why she has a very nurturing nature towards her newborn”, said Giraffe Keeper Anthony Dorrian.

The newest addition to the Giraffe herd is settling in well and is accompanied by another young male calf, Nkosi, which was born earlier this year, on Sunday 3 August 2014.

“It is always nice to see youngsters on exhibit together and knowing that they have a companion close to their age. As they grow and develop, visitors will see the pair running around together and exhibiting playful behaviours,” said Anthony.

“The calves are already starting to develop a relationship, as Nkosi is very curious about the new calf.”

Giraffe numbers in the wild have been decreasing over the past decade with an estimated 80,000 Giraffe remaining. The 30% drop in numbers is directly due to poaching for bush meat and habitat encroachment by humans.

“Every birth for a species such as the Giraffe that is experiencing a decline in the wild population is important, as it helps to insure against extinction,” said Anthony.