Zoo welcomes second stripey arrival

Zoo welcomes second stripey arrival

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Posted on 11th August 2016 by Media Relations

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are excited by the arrival of the second Zebra foal born to the herd in the past month.

The female foal which was born in the early hours of Saturday 30 July 2016 has been named Zina, meaning free spirit in Swahili. This is the fifth foal for experienced mother, Kijani.

“Both mother and foal are doing really well which is to be expected from an experienced mother like Kijani,” said Keeper, Carolene Magner.

Zina has been out on exhibit with her mother and the rest of the herd since birth and is very calm and taking everything in her stride.

“Zina is staying close by her mother’s side at present but does enjoy a gallop around the paddock in the morning.”

“Zina is a large foal in comparison to Khari who was born a month ago, they are relatively the same size.”

“It is great to see the herd continuing to grow and as the two foals get older they will start to interact more together,” said Carolene.

There are now have three generations of Zebra on exhibit, with more foals expected later this year.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Zebra herd is in a new home just next to the Elephants. This most recent arrival brings the total number in the breeding herd to nine.