Zoo welcomes two stripey new arrivals

Zoo welcomes two stripey new arrivals

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Posted on 16th December 2016 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Zebra herd has grown again following the birth of two foals on 25 November and 4 December 2016.

The yet to be named foals - a male and a female - have been born to experienced mothers Kaya and Kioni, their third and fifth foals respectively.  

“Both foals are doing well. Kaya’s foal is particularly independent and confident, he will do his own thing and is very inquisitive,” said Keeper Fiona Cameron.

“Both foals were sired by Bwana our stallion, bringing the total Zebra to 11 in our on exhibit breeding herd.”

“The foals are generally more active in the morning, often having a gallop around the paddock, but like most young animals they do have a rest from time to time.”

The Zoo has welcomed four foals to the zebra herd this breeding season, with two foals being born mid-year.

“The older foals have not been interacting with the new arrivals as yet, as the mothers’ are still fairly protective of their newborns, shielding them from the extra attention being received from the other members of the herd,” said Fiona.