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Happy birthday to the Zoo! Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo is celebrating its 40th birthday today, having officially opened on 28 February 1977.

Zoo wins gold again at National Tourism Awards

On the eve of its 40th birthday, Taronga Western Plains Zoo can lay claim to the title ‘Home of the best unique accommodation in Australia’. Again!

Lion cubs make public debut

Lion cubs on exhibit
Four male Lion cubs have made their public debut at Taronga Western Plains Zoo and are now on exhibit for visitors to see.

Statement - Zoo closure

Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo is closed today, Sunday 12 February 2017, due to the extreme weather conditions.

Taronga welcomes tiny troop of Squirrel Monkey babies

Taronga Zoo has welcomed four tiny Squirrel Monkey babies to its vibrant group.

Taronga celebrates birth from world’s smallest fox

Taronga Zoo is celebrating a birth from the world’s smallest fox species, with keepers monitoring the progress of a tiny Fennec Fox kit.

Zoo achieves breeding success with the birth of Lion cubs

Lion cubs born November 2016
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is celebrating another major breeding success with the birth of four male African Lion cubs on 19 November 2016.

Taronga celebrates rare Cotton-Top Tamarin birth

Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of one of the world’s smallest and rarest primates – a tiny, boiled egg-loving Cotton-top Tamarin.

Taronga statement about power outage

There was a partial power outage at Taronga Zoo just after 1pm today.

Red Panda cub gets a helping hand

A Red Panda cub is making a remarkable recovery at Taronga Zoo with the help of a surrogate mum and a cuddly soft toy.


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