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Proving all good things come in threes, Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed a third healthy Giraffe calf for the breeding season! The birth follows the arrival of two male Giraffe calves in August - Zuberi and Kibo.
World Rhino Day 2017 has kicked off in full swing, with the news that one of our Black Rhino females, Bakhita, has been confirmed pregnant with her third calf!
Taronga Zoo today announced the welcome birth of a male Western Lowland Gorilla. The adorable baby was born to mum Mbeli and father Kibali on Friday 1st September at 1.40pm. He will be named in coming weeks.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Southern Black Rhinoceros calf, Mesi, along with her mother Kufara, made her media debut on exhibit today!
Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed not one, but two brand new additions to the Giraffe herd, born within one week of each other!
Taronga Zoo is thrilled to announce that Sumatran Tigers have returned, and invites you to discover the four in our care at the exciting new Tiger Trek!
African Lion Pridelands June 2017
Construction of the exciting new African Lion Pridelands exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo is progressing well, with the project now past the halfway mark.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce a name for 12-week-old female Southern Black Rhinoceros calf – ‘Mesi’.
Asian Elephant Jai Dee is still learning to use his trunk
Asian Elephant calf Jai Dee is just one of four adorable yet endangered baby animals visitors can see at Taronga Zoo during the school holidays this winter.
Asian Elephant calf Jai Dee takes a dip after receiving his Thai name
The Director and CEO of Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Cameron Kerr, today announced the Thai name of Taronga’s new Asian Elephant calf.


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