Asian Elephants settle into Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Asian Elephants settle into Taronga Western Plains Zoo

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Posted on 25th May 2015 by Media Relations

The four new Elephants are already busily exploring their new home to the delight of zoo keepers.

Mum, Porntip, and five year old calf, Pathi Harn, arrived on 24 April, whilst Thong Dee and her five year old calf Luk Chai have been at the zoo two weeks, arriving on 1 May.

"The calves have been typical boys, rough and tough which is normal for their age," Keeper Glenn said.

Keepers say that both calves are still quite attached to their mothers, but in the future they will be weaned and form a bachelor group separate from the females, as they would do in the wild.

The elephants settled in to their new Dubbo home with some familiar faces around them. Keepers from Taronga Zoo have been with the elephants through their transportation and settling in period. They have kept the elephants' routines similar to those they were accustomed to in Sydney, with a hearty breakfast followed by morning baths and a play session. Dubbo Keepers will continue to build relationships with the new arrivals, with conditioning sessions soon starting to take place.

Porntip, Pathi Harn, Thong Dee and Luk Chai are very interested in their surroundings.

Everything is still very new to them, with Luk Chai and Pathi Harn enjoying the pool and mud wallows on their exhibits. Keepers encourage the elephants to explore their paddocks by hiding food in nooks and crannies all over the exhibit. "They are discovering new things every day as other animals in nearby exhibits introduce themselves through the fences. All have been very intrigued with the camels that keep African elephant, Cuddles, company next door," Keeper Glenn said.