Big day for our newborn

Big day for our newborn

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 03rd November 2010 by Media Relations

Today the new calf and mum Pak Boon spent a lot of the day in the lower paddock of The Rainforest Trail with Porntip and Pathi Harn. They spent their time just resting and taking it easy. Pak Boon was concerned about her new calf spending too much time in the hot sun. Any time the calf would wander out into the bright light and stay there too long, Pak Boon would wrap a protective trunk around her & gently guide her back underneath to the shade. Pak Boon has also been letting Pathi Harn know not to be too rough with her own calf so sometimes she gives Pathi a little knock with her trunk to let him know when he’s over-stepping the boundary! Pathi Harn doesn’t seem too worried about this and realises he has to take it back a notch.  The elephant keepers want to incorporate the new calf into their normal routines when possible so the little calf came into to the barn to share a bath with mum. The calf loved playing in the water and even lay down for the first time.

At lunch time, Pak Boon, Porntip and their calves came into the barn to have their hay bags and once again our new calf decided to have a very brief nap while lying down. She’s an incredibly strong little girl and it is heart-warming to see how quickly she’s developing.

KatElephant Keeper