Big role for tiny python

Big role for tiny python

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Posted on 09th May 2016 by Media Relations

The Pygmy Python, otherwise known as the Dwarf Python or the Anthill Python, is the smallest Python in the world!

Reaching a maximum of just 62cm, they belong to the same family as the largest snake species in the world, the Reticulated Python, which has been known to reach over 10 metres in length.

Currently measuring a diminutive 33cm, our little Pip has a bit more growing to do!

The Pygmy Python is found in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and surrounding areas. They typically live in rocky outcrops and love to hide in termite mounds and rock crevices where they catch small skinks, geckos and mammals.

His amazing terracotta colour would help him camouflage in the semi-arid environment, allowing him to avoid predators and ambush prey.  Pip came to us in June 2015 and has been an absolute pleasure to work with since his arrival.

He has a very gentle temperament and is very inquisitive. Once Pip is a little bit bigger, we hope to have him on exhibit so visitors can also admire this beautiful little snake with a big personality.

- Reptile Keeper, Emma Bembrick