Black Rhinos celebrate milestone birthdays

Black Rhinos celebrate milestone birthdays

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Posted on 19th February 2015 by Media Relations

Over the past week, keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have been celebrating two milestone birthdays for Black Rhinos, Mpenzi and Kufara, who turned 10 and five respectively.

Mpenzi turned 10 years old on Valentine’s Day and to mark the special occasion keepers made him an ice block filled with wheat germ, oaten chaff and molasses all mashed together with some chopped fruit on the top.

Kufara, the last calf to be born to the breeding program, also celebrated a special birthday turning five on 17 February. Kufara received a large layered ice block of lucerne chaff, hibiscus flowers, banana, wheat germ and molasses. Kufara liked the icy treat especially her favourite, bananas, which she picked out of the ice block first before starting on the rest. Both Rhinos enjoyed their cold, icy treats especially with the recent hot weather.

Keepers are hopeful that this year will see another success for the breeding program as they await the pitter, patter of Rhino feet in the next few months.