Celebrating all things water

Celebrating all things water

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 14th March 2017 by Media Relations

This month is World Water month, an opportunity to shine a light on the issues surrounding our rivers and lakes, and the many birds, fish and animals that rely on these water sources for survival.

Last week 200 Geography students from St Johns College, Dubbo visited Taronga Western Plains Zoo across two days as part of World Water Month, learning about our local ecosystem through various water based activities run by the NSW Department Primary Industries Fisheries and Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Students participated in three different workshops across the day learning about the importance of wetlands, recreational fishing and wetland health.

The students were involved in practical hands-on sessions that involved water testing, fishing and dip netting in the water bodies in the Zoo grounds.

“The water studies program allows students to engage and learn in an outdoor classroom and really learn firsthand how essential healthy ecosystems and water bodies are to our environment,” said Rebecca Nielsen, Education Officer at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

“The students gained a great deal from the day’s activities and will now hopefully look at ways they can help keep our waterways healthy as well as conserve water around their home,” said Rebecca.