Don’t Miss the Elephant Documentary

Don’t Miss the Elephant Documentary

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 19th November 2010 by Media Relations

Tune in to Channel Seven next Wednesday evening for a front row seat to witness the births of all Australia’s Asian Elephant calves.

In just four short years Taronga and Melbourne Zoos have welcomed five elephant calves into the world and thanks to a documentary narrated by Sunrise’s Melissa Doyle and developed by the makers of ‘The Zoo’ you will get to experience all the highs and the lows and exhaustion of the zoo keepers as the elephant calves make their way into the world.

The program showcases the recent birth of male elephant calf ‘Ongard’ at Melbourne Zoo which was born during the day, giving the film crew the opportunity to be remarkably close and shoot full colour vision. All other elephant births had occurred during the evening, with the camera crews reliant on CCTV and night vision cameras.

Taronga’s Elephant Manager and vet staff also introduce you to Taronga’s first female calf, ‘Tukta’ which was born at the start of this month and the births of our two males, Australia’s first elephant calf, Luk Chai and our ‘miracle’ calf ‘Pathi Harn’, are re-told, proving just how different each and every elephant birth is.

The one hour special is definitely compulsory viewing for elephant enthusiasts, so make sure you tune in and celebrate the success of the conservation breeding program for Asian Elephants, Wednesday 24 November, 7:30pm, Channel Seven.