Dusky Sound the Fiordland Penguin

Dusky Sound the Fiordland Penguin

The intrepid traveller all the way from New Zealand to Perth to Taronga is settling in very well and making friends at Taronga Zoo.

Rescued on the coast of Western Australia in July her rescuer, who happened to be a Parks and Wildlife Officer, took her to a local wildlife carer and she was eventually brought to Taronga Zoo as we are the only Zoo in the world who has a group of Fiordland Penguins. Dusky cannot be released back into the wild as her chances of returning to New Zealand are unlikely.

Named after the area in which she comes from in New Zealand, the southwest corner, Dusky Sound is estimated to be one year old. These estimations are based on physical markings and dark flecks on her bill.

Dusky was off course likely as she is a juvenile and after becoming disorientated just kept swimming that way. Because of the current coming from New Zealand, it is much easier to swim from New Zealand to Australia then back the other way.

Dusky is settling in well at Taronga Zoo, joining Munroe, Taronga’s only male and female’s Moeraki and Gari. She has formed a strong friendship with Gari and Munroe has become very inquisitive of her.

Marine Mammals Keeper Lindsay Wright has said “Dusky joins three other Fordland Penguins at Taronga and she is fitting in well. She seems to be loving swimming a lot and exploring her new habitat.”