Eight New Electric Blue Cichlids at Backyard to Bush

Eight New Electric Blue Cichlids at Backyard to Bush

Backyard to Bush is now home to eight male Electric Blue Cichlids. These fish are native to the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in Africa, but their vivid blue colour has also made them a popular pet in many homes around the world.

Fish can make fantastic alternative pets to dogs and cats, especially for families with young kids or limited space. They are fun and interactive, but don’t need to be taken for long walks!

If you choose to have tropical fish as pets, they still have some specific needs that must be met to ensure they stay healthy.

You need to ensure they have an appropriately-sized tank with clean, warm, well filtered water. They also love hiding in rocks or plants, especially if you move them around every now and then. They will need food every day, but make sure not to feed them too much. It’s also important to find the right food, as different fish require different types of food.

Unfortunately, the illegal dumping of unwanted pet fish has become a problem in Australian waterways.

Once these fish are in the wild, their numbers can rapidly increase, resulting in pest populations that compete for food and lead to the displacement of native fish species.

Our Backyard to Bush house promotes responsible pet ownership. Choosing to have fish as pets is a great responsibility. If, for some reason, you can no longer look after your pet fish, please be a responsible pet owner and find it a new loving home.

- Keeper, Bec Noad