Ghostly pair born at Australian Nightlife

Ghostly pair born at Australian Nightlife

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 03rd March 2016 by Media Relations

Keepers at Taronga’s Australian Nightlife are celebrating some new arrivals, with the birth of two Ghost Bat pups.

Born in January and February, the pups are an encouraging sign for the regional breeding program for this vulnerable species.

One pup is just starting to independently hang out on its own while the younger pup can still be spotted clinging tightly to mum.

Ghost Bats are the world’s largest microbat and Australia’s only carnivorous bat, preying on large insects, frogs, birds, lizards and small mammals, including other bats. Their name comes from the beautiful ‘ghost-like’ appearance of their wings in the moonlight.

Populations are under threat in the wild due to the loss of feeding habitat and destruction of caves and old mine shafts.

Ghost Bats are difficult to spot in the wild, as they often live in complete darkness and hide in remote caves. The birth of the pups provides a great opportunity for visitors to see these stunning but elusive creatures up close.

Keen-eyed visitors may be able to spot the pups in their home at the very end of the walkthrough at Taronga’s Australian Nightlife exhibit.

- Keeper Rob Dockerill