He's bringing sexy baaack

He's bringing sexy baaack

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 07th December 2016 by Media Relations

The Himalayan Tahr is a type of goat from southern Tibet, Nepal and India and this photo of our largest male Tahr has earned him the nickname ‘Sexy Tahr’.

Among staff, the legend of 'Sexy Tahr' has flourished ever since this stunning photo was taken. I decided to catch up with Ungulate Keeper Sarah Jones to find out if Sexy Tahr lives up to his name.

Sarah has a different take on Sexy Tahr however. “I like to think of him as Prince Charming from Shrek” she told me. For those of you who don’t remember, Prince Charming’s most recognisable trait is his thick luxurious blonde hair. A good description of Charming might be the name that the Gingerbread Man gave him in Shrek the Third, "The King of the Stupids."

Keeper Sarah says that underneath ‘Sexy Tahr’s’ thick luxurious hair he’s actually a bit flabby. This is obvious right now more than ever since he is undergoing a seasonal moult and doesn’t quite meet the standards that this photo sets for him.

She has also said that despite being the largest of the herd, he’s quite timid. He often waits until the others check out a new situation before he’s willing to investigate on his own.

So sadly for ‘Sexy Tahr’, just like for Prince Charming, we have more proof that you just can’t judge a book by its cover.

- Grey Fisher