Joeys in the Aussie Walkthrough

Joeys in the Aussie Walkthrough

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Posted on 20th March 2015 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Aussie Walkthrough is now home to three Swamp Wallaby joeys ranging in age from seven months through to 15 months old. The joeys are all now independent from their mothers and doing well.

Over the past few months they have been exploring their new surrounds after emerging from the pouch at around six months of age. The joeys enjoy a diet of a mixture of fruit and vegetables including a variety of greens, apple, carrot and sweet potato.

Keepers are hopeful that more joeys will start to emerge from pouches in the coming months, as wallabies breed all year round.

The joeys can be spotted in the Aussie Walkthrough exhibit, with the mornings the best time to see them. If visitors want to get up close with a wallaby though it is best to approach an adult as they are more familiar with visitors and happy to have a scratch.