Khewzi moves to African Savannah exhibit

Khewzi moves to African Savannah exhibit

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Posted on 04th November 2015 by Media Relations

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have successfully relocated a male Giraffe from the Giraffe exhibit to the African Savannah exhibit where a bachelor group of 4 males reside, including one of Khewzi’s half brothers!

Khewzi is the 36th giraffe calf to be born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, born on the 19th June 2013.

Keepers spent several weeks training the young male so he was ready for his move. Keepers say  Khewzi was very easy to train, “ We only had to train Khewzi for about a month to walk in and out of the crate, he was very food motivated and loved his carrots,” said Keeper Maz Boz.

On the day of the move Khewzi walked into the purpose built Giraffe relocation crate as rehearsed, before a crane carefully lifted the crate on the back of the transfer truck. When the crate was removed from the truck Khewzi came out to discover his new home and to meet the other Giraffes of the bachelor group, the four males were very interested about ‘the new kid on the block’ and after spending the night in adjacent yards, Khewzi was introduced to the other males.

“The introductions went well and he has settled into his new home perfectly,” said keeper Maz.

The African Savannah is also home to Eland, Black Buck, Ostrich, a female Sitatunga and often some free range kangaroos!

You can see all the animals on the African Savannah from the African viewing tower on the Zoo circuit. Guests at Zoofari Lodge will get an up close and personal visit with the group from the convenience of the lodge verandas!