Koalas are counting on you

Koalas are counting on you

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 06th November 2015 by Media Relations

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Taronga’s koalas for the past six years, looking after amazing animals like our little joey Baxter.

Baxter emerged from mother Mallee’s pouch earlier this year and he’s already exploring the trees and chomping on leaves like a champion.

Sadly Baxter’s buddies in the wild are facing an uncertain future. Koalas are increasingly under threat from habitat loss and fragmentation of forests.

Our most iconic marsupial needs your help! By learning more about wild koalas and where they live, we can make the best choices to ensure their future.

So how can you help? It’s easy! Get out into your local area and take part in the national Koala Count from 7-22 November.

The Koala Count is an innovative citizen science survey conducted annually by the National Parks Association of NSW. The count provides vital information about our wild koalas, such as population dynamics, movements and habitat use.

You don’t need any special training to join in and anyone can take part. Every single count is valuable to the survey.

So how do you get involved?

1. Register at www.koalacount.org.au

2. Download the NatureMapr app on your smartphone

3. Go out and count koalas! Record any sighting directly through the app or website.

Join this fun survey today and help make a difference for koalas in the wild!

- Koala Keeper, Laura Jones