Kylie the Keeper and the Sun Bears

Kylie the Keeper and the Sun Bears

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 02nd January 2015 by Media Relations

It may look cute, but in real life it's no picnic for Sun Bears in South East Asia.Did you know, that Sun Bears are being taken from the wild to extract their bile for medicines, or to be sold in restaurants for bear paw soup, like our Mr Hobbs was?Taronga is working with TRAFFIC, the wildlife monitoring network, to spill the secrets of the wildlife trade criminals and protect the future of wildlife, like Sun Bears.You can help us by buying a Sun Bear toy today!ALL PROFITS will help support TRAFFIC analysts to expose the criminal networks, behind wildlife trade in South East Asia.You can get more involved

Kylie the Keeper works closely with Tamika Harris to bring you the latest exciting updates from the Taronga retail store. Each retail purchase helps Taronga Zoo care for wildlife and protect the natural world.

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