Lion cubs celebrate first birthday

Lion cubs celebrate first birthday

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Posted on 29th February 2016 by Media Relations

The three lion cubs born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo were a year old on Sunday the 28th February!  The two female and one male lion cub were born to first-time mother, Maya, and experienced father, Lazarus, and are the first lion cubs to be born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.


The trio spent their first three months behind the scenes developing their relationship with their parents. In May 2015 they made their public debut, bouncing, wrestling and climbing around in their exhibit.  The cubs were a favourite among the visitors to Taronga Western Plains Zoo with guests often staying for hours watching them.


The cubs have grown quickly, with their most recent weigh-in showing Baako, the male, tipping just over 70 kilograms!  Although they have settled down a little bit, says keeper Melanie Friedman, they are still mischievous at times. “You will often see the cubs  looking for a bit of play time, stalking birds in the exhibit and even pouncing on Lazarus’ initiating some play time,” said Mel.


To celebrate the milestone, Zoo keepers arranged a special enrichment activity for the cubs which included a variety of frozen treats and “bloodcicles” to enjoy.


“We often provide enrichment like frozen bloodcicles for the cubs but usually behind the scenes. This has been a real treat for visitors and the cubs to celebrate,” said Mel.