Lion cubs turn one

Lion cubs turn one

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Posted on 23rd November 2017 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s four African Lion cubs have turned one!

Born on 19 November last year to mother Maya, the four male cubs weighed less than two kilograms each at birth! Now, at around 70 kilograms each, Bakari, Karoo, Sheru and Virunga are growing up fast.

They can often be seen romping around together on exhibit and are especially active in the mornings. The cubs routinely play as siblings, stalking and chasing each other (and mother Maya!) through the trees. They are regularly pushing the friendship with Maya, their father Lazarus, and each other - pouncing on tails, hiding, and jumping on one another, paws outstretched!

They are eating three kilograms of meat every day, with supplements added to ensure they are in tip-top condition and as healthy as they can be. Keepers are very pleased with their progress - there’s no doubt the cubs are growing into impressive young males.

The cubs will soon be starting a conditioning program, ahead of their move over the much-anticipated African Lion Pride Lands exhibit. As part of this process, Keepers will introduce them to a specially-made transport crate, encouraging them to explore it. That way, they’ll feel comfortable inside the crate when they are moved in early 2018.

The four cubs are sure to enjoy the vast, open space in the 3.5-hectare enclosure at African Lion Pride Lands. Visitors can see the Lion pride in their new surrounds from March, when the African Lion Pride Lands exhibit will be open to the public!

Until then, the best time to see the Lion cubs on exhibit is from 9.30am. Don’t forget, the Zoo offers admission for just $1 if you visit on your birthday!