Lions in training

Lions in training

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 31st January 2018 by Media Relations

As construction of African Lions Pride Lands nears completion, TWPZ Keepers are preparing the pride of eight African Lions for the big move to their new exhibit!

Adult male Lazarus, adult female Maya and her four 14-month-old male cubs, and sub-adult females Makeba and Zuri are all undergoing crate training to condition them for the move, happening soon.

Keepers are pleased with the progress of conditioning, with training now occurring three times daily. Lioness Maya is showing her confidence the most, and is accepting the crate door being fully shut. Male Lazarus and the sub-adult females are not far behind, as are the four cubs, who are growing more relaxed with the process each day.

The Lions will spend a couple of weeks in a holding area at Pride Lands as they adjust – not only to their new environment, but also the safari truck that will tour visitors through the exhibit daily. All going well, they will be introduced to the main exhibit at Pride Lands from the beginning of March and can get to work exploring the vast 3.5 hectare space. Maya and her four cubs will be transported in one box on the first moving day, while Lazarus, Makeba and Zuri will be moved in individual boxes on the following day.

Best of luck to the Keepers assisting with the move – we’re looking forward to the opening of Pride Lands in late March!