Love is in the air for Otter pair

Love is in the air for Otter pair

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Posted on 11th February 2011 by Media Relations

There is a little romance in the air at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with the arrival of Emiko, a female Oriental Small-clawed Otter which has come from a Zoo in Japan to join Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s male, Harley.

So far initial introductions between the pair have been positive and they are starting to bond well together.

Harley is the perfect gentleman allowing Emiko to be the first one to eat and showing her the ropes when it comes to enrichment items and new foods like yabbies.

Today Harley and Emiko received an early Valentine’s Day surprise of some fishy treats that will hopefully be the recipe for a a successful mating between the two. 

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has never bred Oriental Small-clawed Otters before.  Keepers have their fingers crossed that this pair will produce a litter of Otter pups in the future.