Love in the animal kingdom

Love in the animal kingdom

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Posted on 08th February 2018 by Media Relations

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have compiled a list of just a few of the most committed animal couples.

Shingleback Skink

While they appreciate their time alone and roam free for most of the year, they return to the same mate every breeding season, with the male following the female.


Gibbons form strong relationships and spend their lives grooming each other, raising young together, hanging out and vocalizing to one another. Cheating and break ups do occasionally happen however.


Barn owls

Barn Owls are true romantics, males commit themselves to a mate by screeching and giving gifts of extra food like dead mice. When one mate dies, other goes into deep depression, willing themselves to die.



Swans both work together to incubate their eggs and stay together for life as well as helping each other build nests.



Termites have royal couples, not quite as fancy as Kate and William but once they get together they do run an entire colony as a couple.


Sun Bears

Sun Bears show very loving behaviour toward one another when they are with a mate, hugging, mock fighting and head bobbing together.