Luk Chai Tests his Strength

Luk Chai Tests his Strength

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 20th October 2010 by Media Relations



A few days ago, young Luk Chai , Taronga’s first elephant calf, was busy adjusting the Elephant exhibit’s fittings to suit himself.

Soon after coming out of the barn he came across one of the huge tractor tyres in the exhibit which he proceeded to move to a new location.

The tyre was standing vertically, leaning against another tyre.

Using his trunk and his head, Luk Chai dexterously rolled it to a different spot, pausing during the move to put his head inside and lift the tyre right off the ground.

Keepers later told us that it is difficult for one keeper to move the tyre easily.

Luk Chai, now 15 months old and weighing 590 kg, effortlessly lifted it with his head and shoulders.


-          TZ Media Relations