Make a difference by living sustainably

Make a difference by living sustainably

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Posted on 07th February 2018 by Media Relations

So you recycle, use a reusable coffee cup and say “no” to straws, but what else can we do to live and promote sustainability?


Extend the life of products

You may extend the life of products you own by repairing broken parts, saving the resources it takes to make another product This also saves you money. When your product or gadget such as a mobile phone is well and truly worn out, it may be recycled to reduce environmental impact. Next time you come to Taronga Zoo Sydney or Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo, don’t forget to bring your old mobile phone for recycling:


Drink from the tap

Spending money on water is a strange idea, it literally flows through your house for next to nothing anyway! If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, consider the one-time investment of a filtering system and fill up reusable bottles.


Rely less on your car

Another way to save the environment and money, and additionally your health, is to walk. Walking to work or part of the way gives you those morning endorphins which will last all day, and is less frustrating than sitting in traffic. Alternatively, you could take a book and catch a bus.


Start Using Essential Oils Unless you are really are into breathing chemicals while you sleep, is there any reason to use them to clean your house and wash your sheets? Replace your chemicals, air fresheners and personal care items with au naturel DIY oils. They are fun to experiment with and they aren’t dangerous to wash down the drain into the ocean.


Stop Junk Mail

Make a sign to stick on your letterbox that says no junk mail please and the pamphlet deliverers will avoid your mailbox. This saves you time sorting through pamphlets you’ll never want or need, and saves the waste of paper


Grow your own foodOften the foods that are most nourishing are the ones we make, or grow ourselves. Growing your own food is a delicious, inexpensive and rewarding action we can take towards helping the environment. You will know exactly what you’re eating and you can spend some time outside doing the gardening (both of which will reduce your stress levels). Staff at your local plant nursery can tell you what will grow best around your home or apartment.

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