Mjukuu learns to ride

Mjukuu learns to ride

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 06th January 2015 by Media Relations

Now is an incredible time to come and visit the Gorilla family at Taronga Zoo!

The newest addition to the group, 9-week-old Mjukuu, is growing up so fast and to say Mbeli has been a loving and nurturing first-time mother is an understatement.

She is doing everything she should be and more and Mjukuu is developing at an incredible pace.

Mbeli has been encouraging her baby boy to sit up on his own and he is already being carried around on Mbeli’s back.

He has a very strong little grip!

Keepers have also seen some incredible behaviours within the group, with the two other females, Frala and Johari, both watching Mbeli’s mothering skills intently and showing a lot of interest in baby Mjukuu.

Mebli of course has been very protective of her baby, but keepers have observed her allowing the other females to caress and touch the little infant.

Kibali, the majestic Silverback and father to Mjukuu, has undeniably proven himself to be a successful breeding male and the attention and care he has shown Mbeli and Mjukuu has been wonderful.

It’s obvious to see why Mbeli respects Kibali and relies on him for support, continuing to spend a lot of time by his side throughout the day.  

- Primate Keeper, Suzie Lemon