Name a devil joey!

Name a devil joey!

At Taronga Zoo, we’ve been lucky enough to have four Tasmanian Devil joeys born to mother,  Nina, last year, and we’re giving all of our Facebook fans a chance to name one of these playful youngsters.

Tasmanian Devils are facing great pressure from habitat destruction, attacks from illegally introduced species such as the Red Fox and most recently, an infectious cancer known as the Devil Facial Tumour Disease. The contagious disease has significantly depleted the Tasmanian Devil population, as animals which contract the disease generally die within six months. In an effort to protect the species and breed an insurance population of Tasmanian Devils, zoos across Australia, including Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos, have been working together to ensure that breeding and conservation programs are successful on a national scale.

To celebrate the success of our Tasmanian Devil breeding program, we’re inviting you to name one of Taronga’s  boisterous joeys. We’re looking for creative suggestions that will suit the joeys’ lively nature!

To add your name suggestion, post a comment on Taronga Zoo’s Facebook page with the comment: ‘My suggested Tasmanian Devil name is …’.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, so they can enter too! Make sure to enter before [date], as the Tasmanian Devil Keepers will then work through all the names and decide which name is most fitting. We’ll announce the name on the Facebook wall on 16th August 2012.

To support Taronga’s Tasmanian Devil conservation program, be sure to donate online to help us reach our target of $210,000.