A new Addax calf joins the herd

A new Addax calf joins the herd

This cute little creature is the latest new arrival at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. He is a 6 week old Addax calf and if visitors are lucky they will see him run and jump about, and take a quick drink from mum before having a long snooze.

The Addax Antelope is a middle sized antelope perfectly adapted to life in harsh desert landscapes. They are native to the Sahara desert and for thousands of years they thrived in areas where few other species could survive. Habitat destruction and uncontrolled hunting with modern weapons has pushed the population on to the verge of extinction. The Addax is now considered critically endangered.

At birth Addax calves weigh between 5 – 6kgs and are quickly capable of walking. Both male and female calves are born with small horns.

In the wild Addax Antelope can go for months without open water and can even go without water for years just by eating plants and the moisture they contain. Their nasal passage acts as an evaporative cooler, cooling the blood as it flows through the nasal membrane before reached the brain this protects the brain from overheating.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo are anticipating a few more fellow calves to join this cute male so in the coming weeks he may have a few play mates!