New Meerkat exhibit coming soon!

New Meerkat exhibit coming soon!

The new meerkat exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo is under construction and progressing well.

The 100-metre square exhibit is being built towards the start of the circuit next to the Zoo’s Black Rhino exhibit.

Visitors can look forward to additional viewing access through large glass panels where they will see the meerkats enjoying natural elements, such as sand, stones, trees and logs.

There will be purpose-built tunnels, which will provide shelter and shade to the meerkats and also serve as enrichment tools. Keepers will be able to hide food within the tunnels to encourage the meerkats to fossick as they would in the wild.

The new space will provide a naturalistic exhibit that can be divided when necessary to manage changes in the group’s social structure.

It will also include a designated area for visitor encounters; ensuring guests get the best out their experience.

The new exhibit is expected to be complete by the December school holidays.