Orangs Enjoy House Exchange

Orangs Enjoy House Exchange

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 27th October 2010 by Media Relations

Well it’s been a year now since our two Orangs moved down to their new home and everything seems to be running as smoothly as it can in Orang World.

Since moving out to make way for the Zoo’s chimpanzees, the Orangs, Willow and Jantan, have been living together successfully 24/7, something that had never been achieved whilst living in their old house. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and are often seen nesting together on a bench after a chilly night.

Jantan, our 23 year old male, has become very outgoing and playful and is constantly seeking the keeper’s attention to play games.  Some of his favourites are ‘let's poke a stick at the keeper’, pulling funny faces and generally being a happy-go-lucky boy.

Willow, the 25 year old female, has changed a little.  She used to be the more outgoing one but now seems to be happy hanging out on her own. She occasionally gets a bit silly and rolls around playing games and tries to get keepers involved in her antics.  Her favourite trick, however, is to sit underneath slides so the keepers can’t close them to do the cleaning.  Frustrating for the keepers but apparently it’s something Willow enjoys!

By Primate Keeper, Laura.