Otter pups growing up

Otter pups growing up

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 25th March 2015 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Oriental Small-clawed Otters pups are now 11 weeks old and are continuing to grow and develop at a steady rate. Keepers are continuing to weigh the pups that are on average putting on 90 grams a week. The pups now weigh approximately 650grams which is a healthy size for their age.

The pups have been spotted venturing out into the exhibit with the rest of the family. Although they are still very sporadic with the times they are coming out on to exhibit, visitors are more likely to see them early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Over the coming weeks they will start to become more visible, regularly venturing out with the family group.

Keepers have been observing the pups receiving swimming lessons from their parents and are all becoming more confident in the ponds in the exhibit. The pups have also been trying solid food such as pilchers and yabbies.

Keepers are still looking for name suggestions for one of the pups via the Zoo’s facebook page until the end of this week.