Providing homes for native animals

Providing homes for native animals

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 25th July 2016 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has recently purchased 14 nest boxes of various sizes and shapes to provide additional homing options for Masked Owls, Little Lorikeets, Brush-tailed Possums and Micro-Bat species in the area.

The nest boxes will be installed over the coming months across various locations in the Zoo grounds and opposite the Zoo along the Macquarie River, where these species have been observed.

Masked Owls, Little Lorikeets and a number of species of Micro-Bats are classified as threatened in the wild. These species need help to ensure they are protected into the future.  

All of these species are hollow dependent and whilst it is important to preserve and protect tree hollows in the area, these nest boxes will also provide additional homes for these species and hopefully allow local populations to grow.