Q&A: Tigers moving to temporary home in Dubbo

Q&A: Tigers moving to temporary home in Dubbo

We are about to enter a new and exciting phase of Taronga’s Centenary Development. This means we’re saying ‘see you later’ to our much-loved tiger group as we start construction on new tiger facilities.

Where are the tigers going?

Our tigers Jumilah, Kembali and Kartika are heading off to Taronga Western Plains Zoo until their new exhibit at Taronga is completed. They will be joining our male tiger Sakti, who moved to Taronga Western Plains Zoo earlier in the year.

Why are the tigers leaving Taronga?

Construction is about to begin on a new, state-of-the-art Sumatran Tiger Adventure due for completion in 2017.

What is the new exhibit?

The new Sumatran Tiger Adventure will be where the existing lion and tiger exhibits are located and stretch to the old meerkat exhibit. This spacious new exhibit will allow us to better manage our successful breeding program for this critically endangered species. The exhibit will include a walkthrough, which will allow guests to view the tigers in new ways and offer unparalleled visitor opportunities to engage with wildlife. Guests will travel through an Indonesian village and rainforest learning about the impacts unsustainable palm oil plantations have on the natural environment, including critical habitat for tiger species. The messaging will focus on showing how visitors can help these amazing animals in the wild.

When will the tigers be back?

The tigers will return upon completion of the Sumatran Tiger Adventure exhibit in 2017.

Will the tiger group be on exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo?

Yes. Keepers will let the group settle into their new home and then they will rotate between Western Plains Zoo’s two tiger exhibits. While the tigers are away from Sydney, feel free to visit them at our sister Zoo located in Dubbo. Keepers will also be providing regular updates and photos so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for any exciting news!

Why are we building this new exhibit?

With less than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, breeding programs for big cats are more important than ever. Taronga prides itself on being a leader in the presentation, conservation and research of wildlife. This important redevelopment work is part of the natural expansion of our efforts to help save the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger.

Will the tigers be comfortable with the move?

Our Keepers have been working closely with the tigers to condition them in preparation for their move. This means that all our tigers are very comfortable walking into a travel crate on their own. This will ensures a stress free experience for both tigers and keepers on moving day.

Where are the lions going?

Our lion pride will soon also be leaving Taronga and joining the team at Hunter Valley Zoo. Jambo, Kuchani and Asali will not be returning to us at Taronga, instead we will welcome new lions for breeding when the rejuvenated African Precinct opens in a few years time.  

What else is there to see?

With over 20 free keeper talks throughout the day, including the popular Bird and Seal Presentations, there is so much to see and do at Taronga. We are excited to have recently opened two new exhibits. Our much-loved Meerkat group is enjoying getting to know their new exhibit located on the African Safari Trail. Our Fennec Fox group has also settled into their new exhibit located next to the meerkats. Find them at Map Reference 14H.The next generation of our Western Lowland Gorilla group now has two young babies, Mjukuu and Fabumi. Visitors can spot the two youngsters riding on their mother’s backs and keepers say they will soon be starting to interact and play together.

Our vibrant chimp group is always fascinating to watch, especially with three young chimps underfoot. Catch Fumo, Sudi and Liwali wrestling and playing together throughout the day.