Ring-tailed Lemur babies learning to climb

Ring-tailed Lemur babies learning to climb

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Posted on 23rd March 2017 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Ring-tailed Lemur babies are almost six months old and continuing to grow and develop well under the watchful eye of their mothers.

The babies have been named Avelo, Sava, Bean and Rambo by their keepers, and are now starting to develop their independence, no longer riding on their mother’s backs. They still follow their mothers around though, staying close by their side.

The babies are now almost weaned and are eating fruits such as banana but are also partial to corn. Keepers have observed the young babies starting to display behaviours similar to the adults such as scent marking and climbing. This will continue to develop in the coming months.

Keepers are introducing the two mothers and their babies together, followed by their aunty and another male Ring-tailed Lemur.

The Ring-tailed Lemur babies will be on display on the island near the breeding facility from 12pm – 2pm daily during the NSW school holidays. The babies are sure to be very curious and explore their new surroundings during this time.