Sabai update

Sabai update

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 22nd December 2016 by Media Relations

At six weeks old and weighing in at 172kgs, Sabai our Elephant calf is definitely growing. His birth weight was 101kg.

Keepers are really happy with how he is progressing and developing. He is reaching all his milestones quickly and has been going from strength to strength.

An elephant calf learns how to use their trunk over time and Sabai is no different. He is already attempting to pick up things with his trunk and even has attempted to drink water from a trough by utilising his trunk.

Sabai is equally loved by his mum, Thong Dee and aunty, Porntip. He is often spotted out in the paddock with Porntip and likes getting into the sand pile with them both.

Sabai also likes interacting with his keepers and will seek out their attention when they are working nearby. But most of all Sabai loves the water! He loves getting wet and splashing about in the pool. Keepers will often give him a hose down along with the adults, especially on a hot day and he is always so playful in the water.