Satu's health check

Satu's health check

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s male Sumatran Tiger, Satu, recently had his annual health check, receiving a clean bill of health.

Keepers and veterinary staff carry out a check every year to ensure all the tigers are in good health. The procedure includes a blood test, urine sample collection, x-rays and an overall body condition check.

“It’s basically what people get for a physical if they go for an annual health check,” said Keeper Melanie Friedman.

Melanie said the recent check showed nine-year-old Satu was in great health.

“He’s now back on exhibit enjoying his regular pole enrichment feeds, where he climbs metres into the air to retrieve a meal,” said Melanie. 

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is part of an international breeding program for Sumatran Tigers. Fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers remain in the wild due to habitat destruction and poaching.

Tigers’ forest homes are being lost at the alarming rate of approximately a quarter of a million hectares per year to timber and palm oil plantations. People can help protect tigers’ remaining habitat by choosing products made with sustainably produced palm oil, choosing 100% recycled toilet paper and brands that support sustainable forestry.