Short naps for elephant calf

Short naps for elephant calf

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 02nd November 2010 by Media Relations

Pak Boon and her calf are spending time together in the barn today, getting comfortable with each other. The calf has been suckling really well and has been learning to take milk from both nipples. The other elephants are really interested and reaching out from adjoining stalls to touch trunks with the calf and to smell Pak Boon.

She’s been very calm and attentive, responding immediately when the calf vocalises. Earlier today the calf started to trip but Pak Boon steadied her with her front foot and trunk.

The calf hasn’t really slept since she was born at 1.12 this morning, so she’s now taking short naps while she’s still standing.

The other elephants all have access to go outside into the paddocks, but for now they’re staying in the barn – they're too interested in the calf and Pak Boon to leave.