Shoulder to Shoulder - from country to city

Shoulder to Shoulder - from country to city

Over the past few days we have travelled from Denman through Wollombi and Kulnara, then across the Hawkesbury and onto Manly.

We’ve seen some amazing scenery over the past few days. Mt Yengo near Wollombi was a real highlight. It was just beautiful and the group met local indigenous man, Stuart, who shared stories about the area and performed a smoking ceremony for the walkers. Being at Mt Yengo was a very calming and relaxing time for all the walkers.

It’s been a real change over the past few days going from the countryside into the city. We took a boat along the Hawkesbury and when we got off we all noticed how we were now in the city, with multiple lane roads and plenty of cars. It’s a big change from the idyllic and relaxing dirt roads at the beginning of our journey, so you can imagine how overwhelming this was for young people who had never been to Sydney before. It made us all feel a little anxious.

Last night we stayed at a caravan park and it was nice to have a shower (it’s been a while!) and to sleep in an actual bed, as we’ve been camping or staying at schools and local halls for the past week.

Tomorrow we have a cultural tour in the morning before heading on the short trip to get to our final destination, Taronga Zoo. I think coming into Taronga Zoo will be a very rewarding and emotional experience. The past two weeks have gone by really fast and for all the staff who’ve walked or supported the journey, it will be such an achievement to finish. It will also be nice to rest the weary legs and feet!

By Kirsty Hargraves, Shoulder to Shoulder walker