Shoulder to Shoulder – on the road

Shoulder to Shoulder – on the road

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 26th September 2016 by Media Relations

It’s day five and we have passed through some amazing country over the past few days. The beautiful green pasture from the recent rain is just so vibrant and colourful. We are seeing lots of wildlife along the way including goannas, birds and echidnas.

The group is going really well despite having a few blisters and some cold temperatures overnight. We are all in good spirits.

We have passed through Goolma and Gulgong over the last couple of days and are now on our way to Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve, which will be another cold night but the scenery will no doubt be beautiful.

We are really enjoying spending a lot of time immersed in nature, you really notice the small things such as a refreshing breeze or the sounds of the birds. 

A highlight so far has been some of the dirt roads we have travelled on. Getting off the beaten track and seeing areas you wouldn’t normally see if driving from Sydney to Dubbo has been amazing. It gives us time to relax without worrying about cars on the road and we can spend time talking to each other.

The next few days will see the country side change as we start to head in the direction of the Great Dividing Range.

By Nardi Simpson, Shoulder to Shoulder walker