Snake safety tips for summer

Snake safety tips for summer

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Posted on 05th November 2014 by Media Relations

As the weather starts to warm up it is important for everyone to be on the lookout for snakes,  adopt necessary safety precautions to minimise the chances of a snake encounter and know how to respond if the situation arises. Keeper Gregory Kirk said, to make your home undesirable to snakes, clean up any rubbish piles and scrap tin you may have lying around as these are attractive homes for snakes. Make an effort to restack your wood piles. General yard maintenance such as keeping lawns mowed and tidying up the edges with a whipper snipper will ensure snakes will be highly visible if they are present.

If you come into contact with a snake always remember to remain calm and slowly move away from the snake. If necessary contact an experienced professional such as a WIRES volunteer who will come to you as soon as possible to catch and relocate the snake. It’s important to educate your children and tell them if they see a snake of any description they must alert yourself or another adult. Do not try to kill the snake, not only is it dangerous but it is also against the law.

If a snake bite occurs, remain calm and still to prevent the spread of venom. Call an ambulance and apply a firm pressure bandage to the wound in the meantime. Now is a perfect time to check the contents of your first aid kit to ensure you have the right materials on hand in the event this does occur.

Two of the most common snakes encountered in the region are the Eastern Brown Snake and the Blue-bellied Black Snake. It is very important that children and adults alike know what to do if they do encounter a snake.