Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 25th August 2016 by Media Relations

Spring is a great time to visit the Zoo with lots of new arrivals to see including two Zebra foals. The foals were born just a month apart and are both doing well. They often enjoy a little gallop around their paddock in the morning, but generally stay close to their mother’s sides during the day. Over the coming months they will start to interact together more and more.

To add to the list of new arrivals we have three Addax calves on exhibit together. These animals are almost extinct in the wild with a recent survey of their wild population revealing only three individuals remaining, so it’s extremely important to continue grow our zoo-based population to ensure the survival of this species.

Whilst at the Zoo be sure not to miss our Aussie Walkthrough exhibit, it also has a number of joeys on display including a Koala joey, Swamp Wallaby joeys and a Quokka joey. A great time to see the new arrivals in this area is at the daily keeper talk at 2:30pm.

Take advantage of the great weather Dubbo has to offer over the spring months and enjoy the Zoo by foot, bike or electric cart. It’s the best way to see the Zoo!