Squirrel Monkeys infants are growing up fast

Squirrel Monkeys infants are growing up fast

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 22nd August 2014 by Media Relations

Our two infant Squirrel Monkeys are now just over 3 1/2 months old, and growing up fast.  Born only a week apart, Carlos and Enrique are starting to develop their own personalities and are becoming more independent every day. 

 Enrique is a lot more confident than Carlos, and you can see Enrique spending more and more time away from his mum, Ayaca, and not riding on the back of the younger females as much.

 Enrique certainly has a voice and can be heard vocalising to the others when he is high up in the trees.  Carlos, on the other hand, still chooses to ride around on Llosa's back or be carried by the other females.

 Just recently keepers have been seeing more interaction between the two little boys playing together up in the tree foliage.  Both boys are still suckling milk and will do so for a few more months until they are fully weened. 

Keepers have also seen them trying some of the harder food items that the others eat like cucumber, grapes and some of the leaves from the trees. Over the next few months we will see these two little monkeys grow in leaps and bounds and become stronger as they occupy the trees on their island home.By Lisa Ridley - Primate Keeper.