Summer Sleepovers at the Zoo

Summer Sleepovers at the Zoo

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Posted on 19th January 2017 by Media Relations

Whether you’re a native Sydneysider or exploring the city for the first time, you’re likely to spend a day at Taronga Zoo over the summer holidays. But did you know that you can sleep here too? Taronga’s Roar and Snore allows guests the special opportunity to spend the night at the and experience VIP behind the scenes tours with our animals and knowledgeable Keepers. We caught up with Roar and Snore Supervisor Matthew Dea to get the scoop on what guests can expect this summer.

What can visitors expect to experience at Roar and Snore?

Upon arrival guests will receive a brief guided tour of the Zoo, taking in all of our Mosman location’s spectacular views. Our tour wraps around the zoo and concludes at our evening campsite, where guests will find their bags have already been delivered to their room. Once guests have settled in they will have an opportunity to mingle over champagne and canapés, whilst meeting some of our native Australian reptiles including Diamond Pythons and Blue Tongued lizards.

Summer is a great time to come and enjoy the longer days and beautiful sunsets. After taking in the breathtaking Harbour-side sunset guests will enjoy a buffet dinner in our View restaurant.

What can visitors expect to experience on the ‘night safari’?

After dinner we try for the Salt Water Crocs, the animals through Wild Asia like the Pygmy Hippo and Spotted Deer and lastly the Sun Bears. On our night safari guests will have the opportunity to potentially see our Giraffes, Fennec Foxes, Bongo, Barbary Sheep and Meerkats. Each tour is slightly different so no two nights are exactly the same.

What can visitors expect to experience on the ‘behind the scenes tour’ in the morning?  

Our behind the scenes tours vary from day-to-day but we often visit Giraffes where after a keeper talk guests can feed them part of their breakfast. Guests might also visit the Nocturnal house where they will receive an insight into how the Zoo prepares all the food for all the animals. We also have the possibility of visiting our Marine Mammals, Lemurs and Elephants.