Taronga Green keeps the beach clean

Taronga Green keeps the beach clean

Taronga employees got involved in conservation at a local level with a beach cleanup at Whiting Beach just below the Zoo.

Whiting Beach is effectively Taronga’s Backyard and part of Sydney Harbour.

Taronga is alerting zoo visitors too about pollution in marine environments through  projects such as the Turtle Conservation Project.

 This focuses on the rehabilitation and protection of marine turtle, which are are one of many marine animals which are susceptible to eating or getting caught in discarded plastic.

This clean-up was a great opportunity for staff to ‘practice what they preach’ and take action themselves.

During the cleanup the main things found were cigarette butts, plastic straws and little fish-shaped  soy sauce bottles. Polystyrene balls, fishing line and syringes also were picked up.

Cleaning up gave everyone the chance to meet people they mightn’t normally work with and demonstrate their mutual commitment to conservation.

The clean-up squad included researchers, keepers and horticulturalists as well as Taronga’s some of executive team and office staff.