Taronga keeper tames Quokka trio in Jurassic World reenactment

Taronga keeper tames Quokka trio in Jurassic World reenactment

With the release of Jurassic World on June 11, zoo keepers around the world have been recreating this famous scene of Chris Pratt taming a trio of Velociraptors and we couldn’t resist joining in the fun!

While we don’t have raptors at Taronga, we do have a ‘ferocious’ trio of Quokkas named Autumn, Jarrah and Poppy Lou. Actually, Quokkas are the polar opposite of raptors – small, friendly and very cute! Some call them the happiest animal in the world.

The photo was a little tricky to organise as our Quokkas kept moving out of position in search of food or a pat. Who knew that getting three Quokkas to cooperate would be such a challenge!

Quokkas are the smallest wallaby species in Australia and they’re only found in the wild on Rottnest Island and in small populations in the south-west of Western Australia. As their geographical range is limited to this small area, the species has been classified as vulnerable.

Taronga is part of a national breeding program for Quokkas, helping to establish an insurance population to safeguard the species into the future.