Taronga's Newest Red Kangaroo Joey Has Emerged

Taronga's Newest Red Kangaroo Joey Has Emerged

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Posted on 24th March 2016 by Media Relations

Our mob of Red Kangaroos is getting bigger!

At approximately five months old, the newest joey has popped its head out of the pouch! Until a few days ago, keepers had only caught a glimpse when checking mum, Ariel’s pouch while she had been sleeping in the sun. They are able to do this because of the strong, trusting relationship shared between these kangaroos and the keepers who are lucky enough to work with them.

Ariel is a first-time mum and has been very attentive to her new joey. When the joey was born, it was only the size of a jellybean. It was hairless and blind and had a huge journey to undertake as it had to travel all the way into its mother’s pouch, following a path from the birth canal through the hair of its mother’s belly following a path licked for it by Ariel. Aren’t animals amazing?!

We are so glad to have this beautiful new addition to our mob and are excited for visitors to see it when it starts coming out to say hello.

A good opportunity for you to see our kangaroos, as well as other Australian native animals, is during the 11:30am Aussie Bush Talk. The talk is held at our Kangaroo Yard in the Bush Friends exhibit on the Kids’ Trail. See you there!

-          Bec Noad, Keeper